In partnership with the most skilled and professional Subtitling and Dubbing services we enable content owners and broadcasters to localize content assets for the MENA region.

First Run Turkish Movies & Series

In Full-HD our avail-list includes 6 First-Run Series  and 2 Top-Quality Turkish Movie titles – All distribution windows currently available in MENA with rights to Dub and/or Subtitle in Arabic.

Download PDF Turkish Tiltes


Arabic Titles

Currently the avail-list in original Arabic language titles includes: 1st Run hour-long Documentary,  a 1st Run high quality half hour cooking show, and a 2nd run documentary series of 30 episodes.  All distribution windows are currently available for the MENA region, as well as international distribution on all Arabic-Titles

Exclusive TV Formats

SAWA Media acquired Exclusive rights to Paper TV Formats from Italy for production in MENA.  We partner with production companies and broadcasters to bring an amazing line-up of TV shows to screens.  We offer a wide-range of genres ranging from reality, competition to actuality among others.

All the TV Formats are all registered and IP-rights protected.  We take IP infringement rights-ownership seriously.  By Downloading our brochure you ACCEPT the confidentiality and non-compete nature of the brochure.

Download PDF TV Paper Formats