Digital Branding

Digital Branding

Corporate Videos Production Formats

We’re Toronto-Based

We work with clients to custom-design Digital Video cross-screen requirements. In addition to our Toronto team, we rely on an amazing carefully-vetted international network of skilled professionals assigned on a project basis. This model helps us provide value-quality output at affordable budgets while maintaining our tailor-made promise. Our team is very diverse and takes on projects from script-to-screen ensuring efficient, cost-effective and quality results

Digital Video Services

SAWA Digital videos help clients improve dicoverability and brand awareness on-line.  We design videos for awareness, consideration and decision helping generate customer conversion.

Our Digital Branding solution enables content owners, producers and broadcasters monetize archives of existing content across screens and distribution platforms.  With skip-proof, non-intrusive brand embeds, exposure is guaranteed and the brand message is localizable to territories of broadcast.

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Exclusive TV Formats

SAWA Digital acquired Exclusive rights to Paper TV Formats from Italy for production in Canada and the USA.  We partner with production companies and broadcasters to bring an amazing line-up of TV shows to screens in North America.  We offer a wide-range of genres ranging from reality, competition to dating/actuality among others.

All the TV Formats are all registered and IP-rights protected.  We take IP infringement rights-ownership seriously.  By Downloading our brochure you ACCEPT the confidentiality and non-compete nature of the brochure.

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Our Digital Video Services

  • Corporate Films
  • Info-Graphics
  • Tutorials and staff training
  • Documentary Films
  • Animation and graphic design videos
  • Promos for Broadcast TV and On-Line
  • Image spots and marketing reels
  • Display Videos
  • Digital Branding and Digital Product Placement


General Inquiries

We’re a creative multi-skilled team with an international portfolio of projects and clients, we pull the best talent to each project and customize it to your requirements

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