Channel Launches

We provide broadcast consultancy to services on channel launches, re-positioning, and relocation projects plan, our work encompasses:

  • Programming grids & Content strategy
  • Media numbering conventions and workflows based on channel genre
  • Channel break strategies and CMS
  • Production of Promos & Branding
  • Operational / resource optimization
  • Maintaining continuity of programing during relocation
  • Overall project management ensuring a launch timeline is set keeping all units on schedule


Due to confidentiality, get in touch with us for a sample case study on one of our actual channel launches in Dubai and the UK.  Each project has unique criteria depending on client’s objectives.


TV Branding & Promos

We design and produce market-relevant promos and branding continuity stings for broadcast.  Our work encompasses:

  • Monthly highlights promos and trailers
  • Branding continuity design and animation
  • Channel idents and image spots

Here is a sample case study of an audience branding continuity campaign we designed and executed across 6 countries in MENA with a focus on pan-arab audience reach and interactivity with the channel

Download PDF Branding Look & Feel

Programming Strategy

As part of our consultancy services on channel launches our work encompasses:

  • Programming grids & Content strategy
  • Day-parting and thematic targeted viewing strands
  • Content Management support
  • Media numbering and naming conventions
  • Channel break strategies