Virtual Reality Sales Tools for Real Estate

Traditionally, real estate developers have had to rely on customers visiting model apartments or houses to show their customers their vision for the properties they develop. This involves building a model apartment on location, often surrounded by the distracting debris of ongoing construction, or reserving floors of their corporate offices for model apartments that clients can see to determine the quality of the design choices, the interior layouts, and the materials involved. It then involves setting up appointments with clients often busy juggling an incredibly busy schedule. This process has become even more complicated during the last year, with lockdowns, social distancing, and other Covid-19 related measures that have led more and more people to rely on remote solutions.


With VR, your clients can walk around in your model apartments remotely, and from the comfort of their homes or offices. They can select from different properties, different models, and see for themselves what you have to offer.

Immersive and Customizable

We can make fully immersive and customizable virtual reality models of your properties, exchanging client visits with remotely enabled and yet fully immersive client experiences. Our solutions run on portable headsets such as the Oculus Quest, which a sales representative can easily take along when meeting a client, or can even have delivered, fully ready to use, to potential clients.

All the client has to do is put on the headset, turn it on, and run your custom made application, and they’ll find themselves inside your model properties, fully able to walk around your designs and experience them in a photo-realistic modeled environment. They can walk into the kitchen, see the custom-fitted appliances. They can walk through the living rooms, the bedrooms, the dining rooms, and see for themselves the lavish choices that you have made.

Location Agnostic

Using the latest in stand-alone and fully portable VR headsets and modeling technologies ensures that it does not matter where your clients are, they can be across town, they can be in an entirely different country. If they have access to their own headsets, they can simply download and install the software, along with all the properties you’d like them to access, and with a click of a controller, they’ll find themselves inside the properties.

Affordable Ideal Property Models

Besides the obvious remote advantages, virtually modeled sample properties can be built for a fraction of the cost of building real ones, and yet provide a virtually identical experience.

Virtual apartments are never surrounded by the noise or chaos of an ongoing construction site, they do not require the constant remodeling of several floors of your corporate headquarters, and they allow the flexibility that physical models can never have; if desired, clients can choose from various layouts, they can change the colors of the furniture or the materials involved in the flooring. They can do all this with a click and see instantaneously how their choices affect the mood of the property they are considering.

Portable Systems

Intuitive Controls